Monday, March 12, 2007

How Minimum Graphics Gives Maximum Effect For Your Site

This is the toughest topic for me to write as I stand to be criticised by the graphic designers

It is obvious that an attractive website would be better than a garish and poorly designed site. But then, how do we determine what is an attractive website? Is it beautiful graphics and colourful words that fly from left to right while making your head and eyes spin?

Or could it be interactive buttons that float around the site with rock music in the background?

Or could it be a very colourful site?

The answer is definitely no! What you need to do to attract visitors or potential customers is to have a simple website loaded with powerful content. That’s just it – keep it simple! In other words, what is attractive on the Internet is a simple but useful site.

Your website has to be simple enough so that users can browse around without much distraction. Having flying words or music in the background can only confuse or distract them. In fact, fanciful graphics could actually make your customers lose focus from buying your products.

Just give them what they want! They log in to your site for information on your products and services. I don’t think they want to listen to music (unless you are selling music) or see the flying words (unless you are a multimedia designer).

If you are selling a weight control programme, you don’t really need all the unnecessary special effects. It would be much better to have a picture of a person before and after undergoing the weight control programme.

The colour used on your site should not be too bright such as bright yellow or red or bright green. The computer already generates light – bright colours can be distracting!

What is more important is the information provided. Visitors come to your site for information that can help them, not for the special graphics.

As for me, having a logo, some simple buttons, and a few pictures of my business as well as a simple design at the top of the page is plenty. In other words, more information and less graphic. After all, you don’t lose anything by adding more and more information at your website.

* This advice is not applicable if you run a graphic or multimedia business.

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