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Website Design Kelowna

Website Design Kelowna is referred to the design of web pages, websites and web applications (tools) using HTML, CSS, Images and few other media as well. Web site design is just a contrast with web development that carries web server configuration, writing web application and server security.

Overall a website is a collection of information about a specified topic or a particular subject. Designing a website is known as the arrangement and creating of web page, which in turn make up a website. For example, a website may have been evaluated to a book, where each page of the book is called a web page.

Good Website Design Consists of:

Text (Content) that is easy to read and understand. It is always better to use large bold font against a light colored background. Develop your pages in such a way that it could be downloaded fast. Make sure to have a clear statement and idea on the home page explaining what the site is all about and further information about the other pages too.

Great Website Designs Kelowna concentrate on 3 basic values: simplicity, clarity, and speed. In other words, you need a website that is visually attractive, but at the same time downloads swiftly and is easy to navigate as well.

To design a site, which has visual appeal, you could make use of simple graphics, color, and further more graphical text. All these costs stay away from flashing animations and from busy backgrounds. Navigation needs to be of simple text links or buttons. Make sure the text labels clearly specify what the user would find when a searcher clicks on them.

Clean and simple web design enlarges to the layout of your text content too. This simply means that short sentences and paragraphs should be no more than 2 to 4 sentences each. Make moderate use of colored subheadings and any bullets if required. Use margins (padding) around your text. Lots of white space is even more vital.

The Designer's Tools:

Consistency is the first and foremost tool for website designers. Always be very consistent. Website designers use color to assist the users feel very comfortable. This is the value of lightness or darkness in an object or in the background. On a light background, a dark object would call more interest than a paler one.

The usage of positive (filled) and negative (empty) space is vital on the Internet. Too much negative space states that you have nothing to say. Too much positive space would further seem cluttered and even unorganized. Size might be used to advise depth and importance. If an object is large it would look closer and/or more important. If the object were small it would more look farther away and/or less important.

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