Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Rage Software Updates WebDesign Editor

Rage Software, a developer and marketer of design and productivity tools for Mac users, has updated its HTML source code editor, WebDesign, to version 2.6. The update includes added support for Web languages, including JavaScript, XML, ASP and VBScript. The company said the update has been in development since August 2004.

"The main focus of this release is improving WebDesign's expandability. WebDesign's main advantage is how much it can be expanded by users with free add-ons available at http://www.ragesw.com/community and with the visual plug-in development environment found on the same site," said Paul Levine, product manager for Canada-based Rage Software.

WebDesign 2.6, Levine said, now allows users to fully customize and expand syntax coloring by creating their own XML-based syntax files. It also works with Document Modes, letting users customize editor options based on whatever language or Web page document they are currently editing.

The latest release also includes a site manager and FTP browser for handling Web site files both locally and remotely. The site-manager function will automatically upload any modified pages to a user's Web server when the user is ready to make changes, Levine said.

Users can download a fully functional trial version with no limitations, up to 21 times, at the Rage software site. WebDesign costs $29.95 and includes one year of free Web hosting.