Friday, March 9, 2007

How To Make An Excellent Investment In Your Web Site Design

A lot of online entrepreneurs are under the impression that they have to do everything themselves and be everything to anybody. They want to do it all. The want to be the inventor, the creator, the author, the accountant, the graphic designer, the web designer, the copywriter, the tech guy, etc. This is very inefficient.

Do only the things that you do well and then you pay someone else to do the things you aren't good at or take a long time for you to do. Other than saving money, there is no reason that you should even try to do everything yourself. There is a strong relationship between time and money. That is that time is money.

Once you understand and appreciate that you will be more efficient and less scared to spend a little money to get things done fast and well. Even if it means freeing up a significant amount of time. Who you are is communicated through your website. There was another harmful myth circulated amongst internet marketers that web design doesn't matter as long as the sales copy is good.

This myth sprung from the philosophy that a site should be stripped down to it's bare essentials so that there is nothing to distract or confuse the visitor. That is true. But then someone took it a step further and said that web design doesn't matter at all - only the sales copy. That is not true. Your website should look good, professional, classy, appealing, etc.

Online, surfers judge you by the quality of your site design. They judge your credibility according to how professional your website looks. They judge your sincerity by how "classy" and "not cheesy" your website is. They assume your product's quality and the quality of your website are linked. And why shouldn't they? Your website is usually 100% of the experience they have with you.

They haven't met you in person, they haven't talked to you on the phone, they probably haven't heard about you before they came to your site. So, they land on your homepage, the page loads, and at that point all they know about you is what is sitting in their browser window which is words and site design.

A good web site adds to your credibility, professionalism, and builds trust with your customers because it indicates that you are a stable, successful operation. Not bad things in anyone's eyes.

If you split test a well designed, professional website and a homemade website with the exact same sales copy the professional site will out pull the homemade site. By how much will vary depending on the unique attributes of the prospects in that niche but Beyond just having a better site in the end, think of all the precious time that you will save by having someone else do your site design.

Obviously sales copy is more important but assuming that site design is insignificant is not thinking clearly. If you still aren't convinced. Look at it this way, you can spend two weeks learning how to code and do bad design work, eventually producing a very amateur site, or you can hire a professional who, for $300 can do that work for you in 4 days and produce a much higher quality website.

That makes this an excellent investment. Have your site designed by a professional. Designing it yourself is a waste of time and money. This can free up your time spent doing other things to get your online investment rolling.

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